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Diving In Croatia - Dugi Otok Island

Last week, I spent a fantastic week on Dugi Otok island. I was diving with Dive DugiOtok  with my dive group . Eric Šešelja runs the dive shop and did everything for us. He went above and beyond what we expected of him. Eric is Canadian born of Croatian parents and moved back to his ancestral home 15 years ago. It seems everyone on the island knows him. He is super friendly and having spent the first part of his life in Canada, his English is excellent as you might expect. Anyway, here are my dive computer readings for the 10 dives I did last week. It was a great experience, especially because I completed deep diver while there under the watchful eye of my dive instructor. The first dive was a nice and easy dive to get us started. The visibility around the island is ridiculously clear. Even the harbour water looks clearer than tap water. The downside to such clear water is a lack of food for fish to eat so the aquatic life isn't as good as I would like. Y

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