Almost Time For My PADI Open Water Dives

This weekend we are heading to the west of Ireland for my 4 open water dives. We are going to the Scubadivewest dive centre and the plan is to go in my campervan. That's right, mid November in a camper and the diving in the Atlantic ocean. It should be interesting to say the least.
I have a fair bit of equipment now, BCD included. I only need some gloves, regulator and tank. I might even buy some gloves at the dive centre. I will hold off on the regulator until I have more money as the regulator and octopus system is the most expensive part of scuba kit as far as I can tell.

I plan on taking some pics with my GoPro Hero3 so stay tuned and I should have them uploaded some time next week.


  1. Don't forget the harpoon and the mini sub…!

  2. A harpoon while scuba diving is illegal in Ireland. You can only do it while snorkelling or free diving. Anything that involves a breathing apparatus is illegal.


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