GoPro Hero 3 - Cheap DIY Wrist Mount

So, you get your new GoPro Hero 3, take it out of the box and now what? You need to mount it on something and since in this blog we are concerned with scuba diving, I needed to mount it somewhere that it will not float away or simply get in my way.

The two best options out there appear to be either a head mount or a wrist mount. With a head mount, you capture what you look at but you can't get as close. You also can't easily access the buttons without taking it off.

A wrist mount on the other hand is ridiculously expensive.

So, I decided to make my own. It was simplicity itself as you can see from the image.

I took the display mount that the GoPro comes on in the box, something that many people might just throw away. I put it in the grill part of the oven to soften the plastic. I then moulded it over a large mug to make it sort of round. It's not perfect as you can see but the chances are, you will be putting this over a wetsuit so it will be pretty comfortable.

All I needed then was a pair of velcro straps. I got these from Halfords.

I then took my dremel and cut 4 slits on the sides of the mount and fed them through. Once I was happy with the width etc, I used my dremel to smooth the surrounding area where bits of plastic were sticking out.

The result is a perfectly functional, forward facing wrist mount for a few euro. The velcro straps can probably be purchased cheaper on the web, I did this the day before I left for Tenerife so I was short on time.

Here's another tip. Don't use your GoPro underwater without testing the housing. I took it with me on my first ocean dive but left the camera itself out. Instead, I simply mounted the dive housing with some tissue paper inside. I then proceeded to pretend to use it, pressing in the buttons etc while I was under water. When I finished the dive and I was dried off, I opened the housing and had a perfectly dry piece of tissue paper inside. Had it been wet, I know the seal on the housing was not right. This potentially saved me a few hundred euro replacing my camera.


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