Dive 2 - Abades - Tenerife

My second dive is the only one I have pictures of because on my first dive, I was only testing the housing on my GoPro for leaks before I used it in the ocean.
Dive 2 took place in the lovely little resort of Abades and their Inner Reef.
We had a bottom time of 51 minutes at a depth up to 8.2 metres.
My instructor again was our friend who was working at Amarilla Divers at the time.

Please enjoy the pictures I took with my GoPro Hero 3 Silver edition. I didn't have any filters or anything so the originals come out very blue. I had to use photoshop to correct the white balance issue and bring out the colours as I remember them. Well, more or less anyway. I'm not in any of the pictures, just Hilary and our instructor.

If anyone recognises any of the marine life, please comment and let me know what they are. There was also a lot of life I didn't catch on camera it seems. A pair of Cuttlefish for instance, I was taking pictures of them but I can't see them anywhere.

Hilary Heading Down

Spot the flounder

Trumpet Fish

Trumpet Fish
I had never come across a Trumpet Fish before. Reminded me of the spice weasel in Futurama for some reason.

If you have never dived before, pinching your nose and blowing equalises your ears to the pressure of the water. After a few dives it becomes second nature and you don't even think about it but at first, you need to be very conscious about equalising every few seconds when descending.

The buddy system is very important when diving. Our instructor was making sure Hilary was OK after reaching the bottom

Another Flounder

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Dive 3 took place a few hours later and there will be more pictures in the next post from that dive.


  1. Excellent Blog going on and some great Pictures of Abades Dive site.

    Thank you for adding a link to our website as well :)

    Kind Regards Mary PADI MSDT Amarilla Divers Tenerife


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