Dive 3 - Tenerife

Dive 3 took place back in Golf Del Sur at the House Reef of Amarilla Divers
I had a bottom time of 37 minutes at a depth of up to 8.5 metres. This was the second dive of the day hence the shorter time underwater. 
I discovered something very valuable. This time I had a 12 litre tank filled to 190 bar where as previously I had 15 litre tanks filled to about 230 bar. On dive 3 I exited the water with about 10 bar left so my instructor said I should ensure I have 15 litre tanks at all times. Large lungs I guess. 

On both dives at this site, I saw octopus but didn't get it on camera.

Scorpion fish

Looks eel like but not sure. 

Puffer fish?

If anyone knows what the marine life is, let me knew please. 


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